The Space Of Light

The Space Of Light

The space of light in infinite delight
Is getting higher in its expansion.
The consciousness filled with eternal bliss
Is flying in the sky on the wings of aspiration.
Not an iota of grief, doubt and sloth.
Only Light is around in infinite measure
Flowing and pouring from all directions
Here everything is from love and its manifestation.

I woke up from my sleep and saw the light from the window.
It came flowing and giving me love right in my heart, and dawn
Immediately filled me, and beckoned into new worlds
Where I haven’t been yet and where lovingly
God is very silently waiting for me.

In the flow of light there is one string, as any other, but only for me
Its light flows, giving everything to what I have aspired for
Through spaces, infinity,
Worlds, births and deaths,
I went through all the spheres of existence, the sorrow was my sister
On this small planet.
Suddenly in the flow of light one string have tenderly entered my heart
And I woke up from my sleep. I love, the love is everything.

– Peter Krilov.


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