The Seekers Yearning

The Seekers Yearning

A sea of peace and joy and Light,
I do but crave both day and night.
The heart yearns so much to be true,
And constantly I think of You.
Could I but tear the ignorance-veil?
Awake to Love-Compassion trail.
And see You fully through the Light,
Lost in the stars so vast, so bright.
But hark, the struggle’s fiercely fought,
Poor ignorance doth fear to part.
O death’s dark veil, I know thee not,
My Lord so sweet, is all I’ve got.

Sometimes I am in darkness-night,
Or feel the beauty of Your Light,
At times our union seems so clear,
I feel Your presence everywhere.
Sometimes I’m happy, at times bad,
I do the things that make You sad.
Come Lord and Friend, embrace me so,
I long to serve You evermore.

– Manatita Hutchinson.


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