Spurts of Wisdom From Yasodhara’s Pen

Spurts of Wisdom From Yasodhara’s Pen

Every morning there is sweet song we are to sing seven times:
“Today I shall concentrate only on one thing:
What God expects from my life and not what I expect from my life.”
This is a very profound little song! What does God expect from my
life? Daily? Occasionally? Where does my expectation end and
where does God’s expectation begin?
So I am inspired to do something. Well and good. But for whom? For
myself? For somebody? Or for God?
Often we drive ourselves ragged tackling endless projects all at
once. Why? Who do we want to impress? Ourselves? Others? God?
Do we need to put ourselves under such pressure, making ourselves
physically sick? Does God need to be impressed? How can we
serve Him with our best intentions???
It seems that being in the here and now at every moment with an
attitude of receptivity, gratitude, joy, detachment and surrender would
create more balance, more peace in our lives and would eliminate
the onslaught of doubt, insecurity, frenzy and . . . problems.
Ha a a! how easy life would be!

– Yasodhara Wilson.


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