The moon of Your Smile,
pure light fragrance
lingers on every silvered upturned face –
gentle brilliance
easily deciphers my heart’s pages
from inside,
smoothing away its frantic grime.

The sun
of Your song
draws every blind seed and deaf hill
arrow straight to Your laughing core –
flames chase
my nomad mind’s sneezing darkness
beyond its farthest dust brittle screens.

already You had woven Your glowing dance
through each rivulet
and into the boundless sea.
And these roving waves spread
across mountain forest canopies and sowed
Your Breath of peace deep in the dense green air.

I will glean every scent of You to treasure.

But if You, Yourself, are hiding
inside my universe,
let me cast aside
that charming cloud
inhabiting Your Form,
this flower jewelled field
displaying ten thousand
of Your adored Face,
and every silent lake
mirroring Your beautiful Eye.

To find You,
even this endless first stroke
of dreaming horizon
boasting the perfection of Your Hand
my tears will melt,
until to fill
this empty heart’s expanse,
only You remain.

Then shall we face each other
and play our Game’s beginning.

– Duradarshinee Lee.


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