Ongkar The Great

Ongkar The Great

Your Smile
    Your Laugh
        Your Generosity
            Your Friendship

Your Infectious Enthusiasm
    Your Selfless Dedication
        Your Obedience to your Master
            But mainly your laughter

Running down the road
    Big Smile on your face
        My Best Friend
            My Brother

Your Caring Family
    Still cherishing fond memories
        Yet knowing one race is won . . . . . . .
            Many more still to come

Your Guru’s Unparalleled Love and Concern
    Continuing . . . .even now!
        Gratitude . . .Gratitude. . .
            Reciprocated in Unequal measure

You ran . . . .You Became. . .
    You succeeded . . .You Proceeded
        You made us all laugh
            And for that we should all be happy

– Tarit Stott.


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