Thunder at Borobudur

Thunder at Borobudur

Rain comes from the west
As the music ends
Here at Borobudur,
This mountain among mountains
Who draw closer and speak wordlessly.

We have returned
To the center of the world
And of all the Buddha-worlds.
The bodies of the Buddha’s
And the countless forms
Of the Bodhisattvas
Are not different from
The suchness of this green grass,
Trees, grey sky and thunderclouds
Coming swiftly toward us.

The all-knowledge of the Enlightened One
Is not different from His compassion for all beings.
The stupa of stone is His sheer presence
He appears from its inmost room.
He smiles and holds up one flower,
The truth of things as they really are.

His truth is Your truth.
His smile is Your smile.
His presence is Your presence.
All this You hold
In the heart of Your samadhi
And only this exists.

– Kusumita Pedersen.


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