The Answer

The Answer

When I was ten, I thought to ask
The nature of the infinite vast.
What is beyond the blue of the sky?
How far can you go, way up on high?
Is there an end to the space up there?
To my great disappointment it seemed no one could care.

When I was twenty I asked someone
If it was possible to know everyone.
Why can I not know the men in Bombay?
Are we not all connected some way?
Is it not possible for all of us to be one?
“Impossible” they said “it cannot be done.”

When I was thirty I struggled in strife
As to why no one knew the meaning of life.
What are we here for? What should we be?
Why does no one think the same way as me?
Are there no answers to these questions of mine?
“Don’t worry” they said “life is just fine.”

But life wasn’t fine, it was hard and forlorn
So many imponderables, that one felt so torn.
Then along came a person who suggested a way
That might provide answers, if I could just stay
And listen for a moment and then to read
A book by a Master who knew of my need.

What kind of Master? And how do I find
If He really does know what goes on in my mind?
“Well He is fully realised” she said “and He knows
About the whole of creation and what’s more it shows
When you meditate on Him and open your heart,
Because He is The Answer and now’s the best time to start.”

– Ongkar Smith.


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