Solo, Indonesia

Solo, Indonesia

“They were on their way up to
Jerusalem, with Jesus leading
the way, and the disciples were
astonished, while those
who followed were afraid.”
Mark 10:32

Guru had grown tired of walking
When he sat in the chair
On the side of the road to rest from the hot sun.

He reached to the table beside him
Clasping a small plumb-sized plastic container
Labeled in green.

Sliding the container in his fingers as if
To partake he drew a breath
As if to speak

And all of us so used to hearing stories
And pindrops shifted closer to listen.
But this time he only smiled,

Without a word on gratitude, love,
Selflessness or the abysmal abyss. It was
Then staring in the lotus of his eyes

That a flame ignited in my heart.

– Bipin Larkin.


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