Null Illusion

Null Illusion

A new beginning reaches the solemn steed and brazed sword of perseverance.
Let the quest commence!
In the wise words of the keeper of hearts.

As old as fire and man, as it once was at the dawn of celestial proposition we take due course, steadfast in our decree.
The sands of time tell no tales of those who met the white wall.

A fortnight’s distance away lies awake a lost soul.
Happening upon the shadows, his claim lay only in the forbearance of
another who lives in the valleys and lays waste to those that seek the crowned King.

How many hast fallen in this same place?
Grimacing, he may yet again offer his cruel claws and shake our steel.

Why then, do we take this pledge, with gold at stake
Only to hither forth rest aloft the plains of nigh?

No crest remains unbartered, and to none do we yield our keepsake.
The world of which we stake our claim proudly declares our mighty course.
This message, borne through time does yet endure.

Our chest bares the sacred mark of the hand of penance;
And truth we proudly declare
Lest the descendants hear our murmured breath.

Glistening with the radiance of a thousand gems
The heart keeper’s flight is borne
In the breast of resurrection.
Hear, then, the messenger, who ne’er wisped a breath of fate nor wept alone:

We will not be bound by the ordinary thoughts of man.
Let us rise above the ashes of lore, nipping at our footsteps
As we carry through muck and sand, raging infernos behind us
With a drenched brow, longing for a yet unsold seal.

– Agragati Siegel.


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