Night Angels

Night Angels

How much is hidden from us
as if so many feathery veils fall
between us and the other
realms of the world.

The scientist in his earnest white coat
probes and measures to no avail.
Micrometers and microscopes prove
no match for divine trickiness.
And even when he glimpses some truth
the nub remains hidden:
Imagine the deceitful grass
and the scientist’s surprise to discover
stalks stalling in daylight
while all through his snoring
they stretch and stretch for the stars.

So humans grow
not just from light’s presence
but from the intensity
of our longing for light
and the beings who crowd our beds
with love at night, who cradle
our questioning heads
in their wings.

In the morning we shrug
on our lab coats oblivious
to last night’s intimacy
or how the arms grow
longer every day.

– Derek Hanebury.


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