My Prayer

My Prayer

You know,
I used to pray to my Guru, God, the Supreme all the time for all kinds of things:
           Dear Guru, give me a smile and a blessing.
           Dear God, let me lose 5-7 pounds, maybe even 10. Please, Please.
           Dear Supreme, let business go well.
           Dear Guru, let me run a marathon under 4 hours.
           Dear God, take care of my family and me.
           Dear Supreme, I want a Porsche, preferably blue, but any colour will do.
And, oh dear God, believe me, many more things…
But lately I have realized, that this is not really the way to go.
No doubt all wishes will eventually be fulfilled if I pray hard enough!
But…do I want to be happy in this way, in my way?
Not really… that’s not what I am here for!
                 That’s not how my parents raised me!
                 That’s not how my spiritual life and my Guru taught me!
All I try to pray now is: Let Thy Will Be Done!
                                   I wish to be happy in Your own Way!
Cheerful surrender to God’s Will. Wouldn’t that be great!

All my Gratitude to my Guru,


– Aruna Pohland.


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