In The Shadow Of The Ruins

In The Shadow Of The Ruins

I feel the chill of an ancient sky
reaching right here into this
scene beside the ruins;
stirring this placid evening,
stretching as far as remembrance
            and farther beyond.

My eyes squint into this
red hued sunset, above
a red brick temple – slightly tilted,
like an old man – as rays burn a fire-glow
upon this sacred ground
and my own upturned face;
washed in the renewal of recurring dreams.

Is anything really lost?
As the ranks dissolve before us
and stretch endlessly behind,
on this very spot I have met, I meet
and I will meet them all.
And so I salute, as any man
salutes all that his heart lays claim to be:
This red bricked ruin.
           This red burned sky face.

– Prabhakar.


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