About love and Love

About love and Love

I love to love
Who does not?
If you are really advanced you can love everything and everybody.
I am not that far yet
I love only the things I love
And even those things I love not always
I love Guru and my family – quite a lot
I love good food and a good night’s sleep
I love when I do my disciplines cheerfully
I love my home, my work and my daughter’s coffee shop
I love my friends, my car and many more things

So how surprised was I when one day
While I was running
And thinking of my love for things
All of a sudden that love went away
The love really faded away until it was gone
I was left with nothing
Neither good nor bad
There was just me – floating in air
Nothing above nothing below
It was just me – bare and alone

But then there was a smile
And Love
But a different Love
Love with a big and fulfilling Smile in it
It was Love from Him
And that Love was so big
It brought tears to my eyes
And I felt nothing else but that Love

And within that Love I found all the love
That I am used to
Just much, much bigger
And much more fulfilling
So I offered my heart’s most humble gratitude
To Him
And continued running

I realise that this Love is always there
For me
Every moment of my long journey
If I feel it or not
I can always fully rely on it

I really loved that experience

– Projjwal Pohland.


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