A Tale of Two Mothers

A Tale of Two Mothers

I knew a mother once long ago
Alas ignorance consumed her
She is no more
Like Sylvia Plath
Unable to cope
She decided the unthinkable
And took away God’s prerogative
In a tiny moment
Of a gun to her head

So horrible
So wrong
Even as a child
I knew this was simply too far
Perhaps feeling
The presence of grace
Consistent with
Tenets of reincarnation
I looked to choose another

Unwilling to continue
A military family’s
Nomadic life
I asked a kind teacher:
May I live with you?
A definitive moment
A choice of a Mother
She said yes

Instantly I had 4 new brothers
Not just one
Formative teenage years
Suddenly I lived in a loving, caring world
How fortunate I was

I moved onto University
Again a nomadic life
My new family they too moved
I went East
They went West

Gaps too long in writing
We lost one another
We lived our lives apart
Wondering often
Alive or dead
Well or not
Not so long ago
My youngest brother
Found me on the
World wide web
I screamed with Joy

And after 30 years
my chosen Mother
Came to visit
As if no break
Absorbed my life
With openness and love
So once again from
One brother to many

I marvel at the tapestry of life
Of God’s deliberate weaving
And His Grace
And I offer Gratitude
for the Beauty of this Story.

– Vijaya Claxton.


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