Eternity’s Piano

Eternity’s Piano

We jump
into the Piano
Of His great Inner Being.
There we are struck
countless times
by the reality-hammers
His creative Love-Force.
We then become transformed
into the beautiful melodies
His Compassionate-Forgiveness,
to help soothe
the aching hearts and minds
of those who can hear
the same
Inner Music.

     We listen,
And trying to understand
The music
Which sounds quite different
Than any other music
     Played by a mortal hand.
They play music
With the beauty
of a life-time.

Some die quickly,
     Some will last for years.
You play music
of Eternal Spheres,
Whose beauty is composed from
The Love of the Universe,
     Beyond earthly realms.
For You play on
     Eternity’s Piano.

– Arpan DeAngelo.


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