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Status Quo

Saturday, October 6th, 2007

Sri Chinmoy’s Panorama ArtworkStatus Quo

Life hides its secrets from unripe, unseeing eyes
Like ours, dwelling in the misty dungeons of matter and mind;
We would not value its truer form, stripped of its dull disguise,
Choosing our safe and ignorant haven among the roaming blind.

Until we look within and open to a light above
And peel the crust of matter from the soul of things,
We’ll never taste the nectar-drink of universal love
Or fly to Heaven’s pastures on the spirit’s wings.

Desire holds us firmly in its dark embrace,
We who know not who we are or what we come to do,
Estranged as we have grown from the roots of Grace.

Always our true identity we misconstrue
Yet smug we feel in our lamentable plight,
Preferring our doleful prison to love’s golden hue.

– Abhinabha Tangerman.


Drawn from the August 2007 edition of Panorama.

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C’est la vie

Thursday, September 6th, 2007

Sri Chinmoy’s Panorama ArtworkC’est la vie

Down by the orchard under a tree
A horse and a fly were in need to agree.
Asked the horse of the fly, “Why doth thou torment?”
“Be grateful,” the fly said, “and cease your lament.
Our Maker has willed that this be the case –
I bite your hind quarters and buzz in your face.
If life is too fair – no challenge or foe –
Then where’s the incentive to be strong and grow?”
“Your right,” said the horse, “but might I enquire
As to what causes changes in you to transpire?”
The fly in its wisdom replied with a buzz,
“Fear not, gentle horse, for in this you can trust;
Your fate is not singular or restricted to thee
For all souls incarnate and seek to be free.
God offers us hurdles and challenges, you see,
To champion our progress and welcome our glee.
Indeed though your suffering is no small matter,
It is nothing to mine – the dreaded fly-swatter!”
“It’s true,” sighed the horse, as his tail he did swish,
“Please torture me further if this is your wish.”
“Dear horse,” smiled the fly, “let us serve God together;
We are all tormented as well as tormentor.”
“C’est la vie!” cried the horse to the sage little fly.
“Amen!” sang the fly – and their praise filled the sky.

– Sanchita Fleming.


Drawn from the August 2007 edition of Panorama.

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God Never Forgets

Monday, August 6th, 2007

Sri Chinmoy’s Panorama ArtworkGod Never Forgets

God never forgets
The golden moment our eyes first met
And we pledged, He and I,
Eternal love
To one and other.

God never forgets
The lotus moment when
He placed His hand upon my head
And I wept a garland
Of gratitude-tears.

God never forgets,
But, alas, I forget.
I do forget.

– Shephali Burke. (New York, USA)


Drawn from the August 2007 edition of Panorama.

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