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Original Panorama artwork by Sri ChinmoyPanorama is a collection of poems by members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre that have been published in book form twice a year since April of 1999. Originally called Now, the publication was renamed Panorama by Sri Chinmoy in 2000. This online version of Panorama offers a selection of poems from each edition.

The Sri Chinmoy Centre is a global community of men and women from diverse cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds with a common interest in meditation, spirituality and the teachings of their spiritual guide Sri Chinmoy. Much of their poetry is devotional in nature and draws upon a broad range of personal experience, love for the spiritual life and the tremendous respect, love and gratitude that develops between a meditation teacher and a student. Poetry is a perfect medium for expressing such themes.

Sri Chinmoy on Poetry:

You want to be a poet. You can be a poet. You are bound to be a poet. Do not allow yourself to be ensnared by doubt. Self-criticism—no, no, no; self-enthusiasm—yes, yes, yes. Try to free your mind for a few minutes from the coil of thought. Just for a few minutes try to keep your mind silent. I am not saying for a few hours, far from it. Just for four or five minutes keep your mind silent. And then place your silent mind on the beautiful, illumining and fulfilling throne that your heart has created for you.

When you write a poem, you can read it time and again—as many times as you want. Each time you read if, you can try to increase your heart’s joy with your imagination-power. Imagination is a world of its own. The Creator has created His creation. He is observing His creation and He is enjoying His creation. In exactly the same way, you can create a poem, you can observe it and you can enjoy it. You are the creator, you are the observer and you are the enjoyer.

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Panorama’s Editors:

Prabhakar Born in Canada in 1967, Prabhakar works as a bookbinder and has a keen interest in photography. He developed a sincere appreciation for poetry during his youth and finds it an increasing fulfilment. His first book of poetry inspired him to collaborate with Abichal Watkins to create Panorama and provide other poets with a publication to share their works.

Abichal Born in Wales in 1960, Abichal Watkins works as a chef, is a nationally ranked ultra-marathoner and also finds time to compose poetry. He has published six books of his own works and is also a web-master for several websites including Abichal.com, Multidayrunning.com and Multidays.com. The teaming of Abichal and Prabhakar, along with Sri Chinmoy’s steadfast encouragement, has insured that Panorama has been published twice yearly in April and August since 1999 and has served to inspire lovers of poetry the world over.

Panorama Online:

In preparation for publication on the internet, Panorama’s poems have been patiently typed by the diligent Liz Mardon and the web-master is Shardul – both of whom hail from Auckland, New Zealand.

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