Panorama April 2004 Published

We are very proud to announce that the April 2004 edition of Panorama is now published - a selection of 56 poems from an edition that was published during the American National Poetry Month of that year. Here is a poem from this latest edition which highlights one of the greatest poets in American literature, Emily Dickinson.

[Emily Dickinson's] unique, gemlike lyrics are distillations of profound feeling and original intellect, and they stand outside the mainstream of American literary tradition. “

Ode to Emily Dickinson

Oh to be like Emily
Retreat from the world
Into the second floor of self,
Sending messages by a tether,
The thinnest possible line of contact,
Invisible, withdrawn into silence,
Close by the fragrant core of being,
The place of knowing,
The emptiness that can pour abundance
Onto the blank page.
Oh to read
Her luminous strings of words,
Like dew-dropped webs
Delicately stretched
Across the morning sun “
To see in them
The nearly forgotten
Of our own sequestered selves!

Atmatyagi Kutt.


Drawn from the April 2004 edition of Panorama.

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