Poetry-Poem-Poet – by Sri Chinmoy

In October of 1990 Sri Chinmoy visited Sweden to offer a concert. During that visit he gave an inspirational talk entitled Poetry-Poem-Poet at the Musikaliska Akademien in Stockholm. Here are four short excerpts from that talk:

Inside each human being there is a poet. This poet can bring down the loftiest heights of truth and, at the same time, can powerfully eclipse the darkest falsehood if and when necessity demands.

It is a deplorable mistake we make when we try to understand poetry. Poetry is not to be understood. Poetry is to be felt. Poetry is to be loved. To try to understand a poem is like touching a rose with innumerable thorns. To try to feel a poem is to lovingly hold a rose without a single thorn. And to love a poem is to grow immediately into the beauty and fragrance of the rose itself.

Poetry is the shortcut to reach the subtle and tangible Goal of goals – Delight infinite. A poem starts in streaming tears and ends in soaring smiles.

The poet beckons tomorrow’s dream-dawn and then transforms tomorrow’s dream-dawn into today’s reality-day.

The full text can be viewed here: Poetry-Poem-Poet

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